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June 23 2015

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June 03 2015

The singing tree - winds create music. Lancashire, england
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April 06 2015

Starry Night: Illuminated Bike Paths Light the Way for Dutch

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Peregrine Church’s “Rainworks” Reveals Clever Street Art Only When The Ground Is Wet


Artist Peregrine Church creates a special brand of street art. Instead of wild colors and sprawling compositions, you can only see his handiwork when the ground is wet. Otherwise, his clever paintings are invisible. Church calls these pieces Rainworks, and it’s part of an ongoing series of over 25.

A quick demonstration shows just how inconspicuous Church’s works are. A dry sidewalk reveals nothing, but as soon as a bucket of water is poured on it – magic. The secret is hydrophilic chemicals. Once they’re activated, the clandestine designs reveal uplifting messages, hopscotch, and funny sayings. They last anywhere from four months to a year. (Via The Creator’s Project)



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